Artist's Statement and Bio

Artist Statement
I strive to create works of art with strong fundamentals for believability combined with creativity, imagination, and story to connect with the viewer. This connection and overwhelming appreciation for my artistic abilities coupled with the way my art touches people and the resulting relationships are the greatest gifts for me as an artist. I’m most inspired by not just painting a landscape, but creating an image that tells a story—one that’s a combination of what I see in the landscape or interior setting and my client’s vision.
My vision starts with special attention to composition and all aspects of design. From a distance, the paintings appear somewhat photographic, but as you move closer, they progressively become more impressionistic. Ultimately, the paintings transcend the mere record of a place and reveal my way of thinking. In my landscapes or drawings, you feel a sense of realism due to good value structure and accurate drawing coupled with impressionistic approaches, including visible application of paint, sensitivity to color intensities and harmonies, and broken color which allows the colors to mix optically. The result is what I call "heightened reality", a scene which captures the effects of natural light and the beauty of nature while my artistic interpretation and saturated color inspires your imagination and emotion.
One of my passions is painting the beautiful landscapes of golf courses. The way the golf hole fits in with the surrounding natural environment is the focus of these paintings, man vs. nature at its best and a place I and all those who are addicted to the game love to spend our leisure time.
From the time I was 4, I was drawing my favorite stuffed animals and cartoons.  The outdoors and the stories of my Mom raising racoons and a red fox when she was young began my love of nature and wildlife.Thanks to constant encouragement from family and friends, excellent instruction at school and fun interactive art jobs along the way, I knew at an early age exactly what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I received my formal art training at the Columbus College of Art and Design in Columbus, OH and graduated Magna Cum Laude with the Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in the Division of Illustration. From a very limited number of graduates, I was selected for an internship with Walt Disney Feature Animation Florida and was subsequently hired as an Assistant Animator and Lead Key Animator. My film credits include: The Lion King (Young Nala), Pocahontas (Misc. Settlers and Indians), Tarzan (Misc. Gorillas), The Legend of Mulan (Ling and Chien Po), Lilo and Stitch (Nani), Beauty and the Beast Special Edition (Beast), and Brother Bear (Tanana and Misc. Bears).
Following a wonderful, productive and inspiring 10-year career as an animator, I moved to Sedona, Arizona to begin my life-long ambition of painting full time. The unspoiled natural beauty and stunning array of geography seen throughout Arizona and the western United States is the seemingly endless inspiration for my work. My progression from illustrator to animator to oil landscape painter all culminated in murals I’ve completed over the last ten years.  My murals combine the light and shadow and composition I developed for the oil paintings with the story telling found in my illustrations.
I’m pleased that I am becoming a well-recognized artist with increasing demand for my original artwork and that my oil paintings have been represented by several Sedona galleries.  I have established valuable relationships with Sedona medical professionals that have enabled me to design and create whimsical and calming interior spaces for the benefit of patients, staff and physicians alike.  In addition, many of my murals are in business offices and public locations which have allowed high visibility throughout Arizona.   I am so fortunate to be able to pursue my passions in such an exquisite landscape, and look forward to working with you to bring your next art project to life in very imaginative ways!